Friday, September 10, 2010

Operating System Interview Questions Answers

What is difference between NTFS & FAT32?

Ans: NTFS stands for new technology file system or network technology file system. In NTSF partition size can be of 2 TB or more. and file size can be 16 TB. file/folder encryption is done. and it supports file name character upto 255.

FAT32 stands for File allocation table. in FAT32 partition size can be Upto 2 TB. and file size can be 4 GB. file/folder encryption is not possible in FAT32. and it supports file name character upto 8.3.

What is the difference XP and Windows 2000?

Ans: Windows XP is some what faster than Windows 2000, assuming you have a fast processor and tons of memory (although it will run fine with a 300Mhz Pentium II and 128MB of RAM).

The new Windows XP interface is more cheerful and colorful than earlier versions, although the less-cartoony "Classic" interface can still be used if desired.
Windows XP has more bells and whistles, such as the Windows Movie Maker, built-in CD writer support, the Internet Connection Firewall, and Remote Desktop Connection.
Windows XP has better support for games and comes with more games than Windows 2000.
Windows XP is the latest OS - If you don't upgrade now, you'll probably end up migrating to XP eventually anyway, and we mere mortals can only take so many OS upgrades.

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