Sunday, September 5, 2010

UGC Net Computer Science and Application Paper

1. The library files that comes with 'C' are -
Ans: files that contains functions which carry out various commonly used operations and calculations.

2. In 'C' square brackets[] are used in -
a. functions
b. arrays
c. statements
d. all of the above
ANs: b

3. A 'C' program contains the declarations and initial assignments:
int i=8, j=5;
The value of arithmetic expression is int from
2*((i/5)+(4*j-3)%(i+j-2)) is

a. 18
b. 14
c. 1
d. 17

Ans: b

4. The single character input/output functions are
Ans: getchar() and putchar()

5. The purpose of a conditional operator is to-
a. select one of the two values alternately
b. select the highest of the two values
c. select one of the two values depending on a condition
d. select the more equal of the two values

Ans: c

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