Friday, September 3, 2010

Networking Question for Examinations

State Whether True or False

1. The First three digit of the DNIC(Data Network Identification Code) identify the city. (T/F)

2. The use of an X.25 Switch as a gateway between the public and private networks provides a cost-effective means of sharing relatively expensive X.25 access lines to the public data networks. (T/F)

3. The Network User Address (NUA) consist of 12 decimal digits and two optional extra digits which are available for packet terminals only to use for sub-addressing. (T/F)

4. The first digit of Network User Address(NUA) are known as the DNIC(Data Network Identification Code). (T/F)

5. The term 'gateway' is commonly used to define a facility which interconnects two networks so that users on one network can communicate with user on another network. (T/F)

6. The term 'gateway' which provides interconnection between private packet switching networks based on OSI principles and the public packet data networks based on the X-series recommendations. (T/F)

7. The 1-4 digits are known as the country code of the Network User Address(NUA). (T/F)

8. The digits 8 to 12 are known as the terminal number of the NUA. (T/F)

9. The CCITT Recommendation X.25 specifies three layers of communications: session, transport and network. (T/F)

10. CCITT Recommendation X.21 defines the international nubering plan for private data networks. (T/F)

(1). T, (2). T, (3). T, (4). F, (5). T, (6). T, (7). F, (8). T, (9). T, (10). T

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