Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What are the main differences between ASP and ASP.NET ?

ASP 3.0

• Supports VBScript and JavaScript
o scripting languages are limited in scope
o interpreted from top to bottom each time the page is loaded
• Files end with *.asp extension
• 5 objects: Request, Response, Server, Application, Session
• Queried databases return recordsets
• Uses conventional HTML forms for data collection


• Supports a number of languages including Visual Basic, C#, and JScript
o code is compiled into .NET classes and stored to speed up multiple hits on a page
o object oriented and event driven makes coding web pages more like traditional applications
• Files end with *.aspx extension
• .NET contains over 3400 classes
• XML-friendly data sets are used instead of recordsets
• Uses web forms that look like HTML forms to the client, but add much functionality due to server-side coding
• Has built-in validation objects
• Improved debugging feature (great news for programmers)
• ASP .NET controls can be binded to a data source, including XML recordsets
Source: mikekissman.com

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